It’s Up & Go’s Anniversary!

Today is Up & Go’s anniversary, and 2024 marks seven years of proudly serving our customers and communities. Join us in celebrating with a recap of our milestones over the years.

2017–2018: Getting Started

We started out as a small team with big goals. We wanted to create a sustainable economic model and empower our workers with fair wages that exceeded the industry standard. We also wanted to give our workers a say in the business, and opportunities to learn new skills and develop professionally. 

When we launched in 2017, we became the first worker-owned web platform for booking cleaning services in New York City. Our first year in business was a whirlwind of growth and learning. To meet the growing demand for our services, we overhauled our website to increase functionality and give it a fresh new look.

2019–2020: Getting Noticed

In 2019, the recognition started rolling in. Up & Go was honored to receive MIT’s Inclusive Innovation Award for innovative use of technology for social impact. It was a proud moment for us and confirmation that we were on the right track. 

2020 brought lots of change, for the world and for our business. We pivoted in response to the pandemic, adjusting to protect our workers and customers and earning a feature from The New York Times for our safe work model.

2020–2022: Getting Bigger

In 2021, our vision grew even more, and we expanded our services to include commercial cleaning. In parallel, we rolled out more new website tools to make it simpler for our clients to get an estimate and set up services. 

All that effort paid off. In 2022, we experienced our biggest yearly growth yet. Thanks to our loyal customers and supporters, we grew by over 20%, surpassing even our pre-pandemic sales.

2023–2024: Geographic Expansion

In 2023, we launched in a second location: Philadelphia! We were excited to share our experience with South Philly’s immigrant community, expanding our model of fair wages and sustainable work practices beyond NYC. 

As 2024 unfolds, we are continuing to grow, innovate, and set an example for worker ownership in the gig economy. A heartfelt thank you to you, our customers and supporters, who have been with us on this journey. Here’s to many more happy birthdays for Up & Go!

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