“We Own It,” Center for Urban Pedagogy, NYC.

Up & Go is built on the 7 Cooperative Principles

The 7 Cooperative Principles serve as a guide for worker-owned organizations like Up & Go, allowing us to put our values into action. 

  1. Voluntary membership: Anyone who is willing to accept the responsibilities of co-op membership and who wishes to use the services of a cooperative is welcome to become a member.
  2. Democratic member control: Co-ops are controlled by their members. Members have control over setting policies for the co-op and making decisions for the cooperative.
  3. Member economic participation: Members contribute to the capital of the co-op democratically and equitably. Most of the capital of a co-op remains the property of the co-op and isn’t redistributed to members.
  4. Autonomy and independence: Co-ops are meant to be autonomous and democratically controlled, meaning they aren’t subject to control by outside organizations.
  5. Education, training and information: A cooperative provides education and training to members and board members to allow them to contribute to the development of the co-op. Cooperatives also seek to inform and educate the public about the mission and operation of a co-op.
  6. Cooperation among cooperatives: Co-ops often work together, creating regional, national and international structures that help to improve the community and create a better world.
  7. Concern for community: The policies approved by the members of a cooperative should help to develop the community around the co-op in a sustainable way.


In accordance with the principles listed above, worker-owned cooperatives are an innovative model for providing high-quality services that both workers and customers can feel good about. At Up & Go, our pricing is transparent and our cleaning professionals are paid fairly. As owners and decision-makers in their business, Up & Go cleaners are uniquely committed to leaving your space sparkling, every time.

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