Why do customers choose Up & Go?

To answer this question, we looked at survey responses from 365 Up & Go customers, shown in the image above. The majority cited social impact as a motivator for buying through Up & Go, with cleaning quality a second important factor. Here are some comments from satisfied, and socially conscious, Up & Go users!

“I used to use Handy for my 1 bedroom, but decided to give Up & Go a chance after being disappointed with the results. Two women came to my apartment and immediately asked for a step stool to clean the tops of my cabinets- I have to say I was shocked! They cleaned everything so thoroughly- wiping down surfaces and cleaning the corners and baseboards of my apartment. I also love the ethics of the company and will continue to use them in the future.”


“I just had a ‘Fresh Start’ clean and it was THOROUGH! Luisa from Brightly Cleaning showed up exactly on-time, was extremely professional and totally prepared. My bathroom is literally sparkling, and the entire apt smells deliciously clean. I really appreciate knowing that the cleaning professionals are well-paid, and it was worth every penny. Definitely recommend!”


“Best house cleaning service I’ve ever used. My girlfriend and I booked a deep cleaning while we were out of town. It made coming home a pure joy! I gasped when I opened the fridge, I swear they must have polished the light in there cause it sparkled. Loved supporting a worker owner cooperative instead of giving 20% to faceless corporation like Ikea (who owns task rabbit).”


“I love the fact that the website is a coop of small (mostly women, mostly minority) owned businesses and that they only take 5% of the company’s earnings to run the platform. So glad my husband said no to Handy (who treats their cleaners terribly, taking half their earnings), forcing me to find this gem of a company! Highly recommended. I will be booking religiously every 3 weeks.”


I decided to use Up & Go because it was a cooperative and I was thinking that they would take more pride in their work since they are owners as well. I was not disappointed one bit. My kitchen walls were cleaned, for goodness sakes!! The amount of attention and detail that Norma spent cleaning my home, was above and beyond what I expected. I would highly recommend this business to anyone. I am so excited that I have finally found a cleaning service for my home.”



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