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The Competitive Edge Your Business May Be Overlooking

Your choice of office cleaning services could make all the difference in setting you apart from the competition — and it has nothing to do with having a spotless office. 

Businesses are always looking for that extra edge that lifts them above the competition and makes them the preferred choice in a sea of options. 

And while businesses are scrambling to offer things like lower prices, faster delivery, free shipping, and 24/7 customer service, something as simple and off-the-radar as office cleaning services could actually be the biggest deal-maker for consumers. 

Why? It comes down to three words. 

Corporate social responsibility. 

In other words, showing that you care about people. That you’re committed to something other than your bottom line. That ethics are as much a part of your business plan as metrics. 

More and more, that’s what clicks with people and drives their purchasing decisions. According to an AFLAC survey on corporate social responsibility, 77% of consumers are motivated to buy from companies who are committed to making the world better. 
So, businesses that are willing to take a stand have a huge opportunity to stand out.

How does hiring a commercial cleaning cooperative give businesses a competitive edge?

Since a commercial cleaning cooperative is worker-owned, it offers tons of direct benefits to their workers (like fair wages and humane scheduling) that also flow outward to their communities (like stable employment opportunities and local economic growth). 

By choosing a commercial cleaning cooperative, you’re making a powerful statement about what you value, down to the details. You’re demonstrating that you care about the dignity, health, and happiness of workers — including those who keep your offices spotless and sparkling. 

And in a world where consumers have endless choices, that commitment to corporate social responsibility could well be the deciding factor in whether they give you their business…or go to the other guys. 

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